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Looking for a broadcaster to enhance and expand your sports coverage with an authentic style and professional edge?

If so, get in touch!

My name is Bernard Chyzy (that’s fizzy with a Ch by the way), Yorkshire born and bred to Polish parents. I am a sports reporter, presenter and commentator and I can honestly say so far it’s been a wonderful adventure with so many memorable moments.

Feeling the tension, the anticipation and the excitement before a live broadcast is just something I can’t get enough of. When I go on air, the adrenaline kicks in and I’m in my element. This is me in the moment, living the dream, experiencing every emotion just like any fan at a match, event or tournament.

And I can capture those special moments for your audience or fan base.



Achieving the highest listener figures on Live Sports FM for a commentary match with tweets from fans around the world

Commentating at Lords on the Watsons Village Cup cricket final

Covering the Aegon Ilkley Trophy women’s tennis final

Bringing full and uninterrupted coverage from the dramatic IPA World Pool Tournament and live interview with the champion

Reporting on the most incredible football match that lasted two and a half hours but still ended with no result due to floodlight failure

Interviewing players and managers at Wembley on Non-League Finals Day

Commentating on the English Premier League for national broadcaster talkSPORT to a global audience

Reporting live on rugby league matches for BBC Radio